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The water treatment system WTA Eco is a supplement to desludging systems or sedimentation tanks for water jet cutting plants.

The WTA Eco system is especially suitable for waste water with suspended particles, insoluble heavy metals or small oil admixture. Such fine particles are generated from cutting certain materials, using extremely fine-grained abrasive materials and cutting very thick or hard materials. These fine dirt particles are tied, by a specially developed and reliably tested flocculant, which has been injected to the waste water. A second additive stabilizes the pH-value. The flocculated water is then fed through a sand filter, by which the small, difficult-to-sediment particles and small oil droplets (emulsions) are deposed.

A direct discharging of waste water without adequate processing carries the risk of an immediate shutdown of the water jet cutting plant, which leads to high costs due to a total loss of production. In the meantime, such discharging also carries the risk of a penalty.  The water treatment system WTA Eco fulfills all the statutory requirements for discharging waste water and offers a simple and fast solution to avoid all potential risks.