Optimal surfaces in a short time.

Treatment with water at high pressure enables high area performance in a short time and lets surfaces look like new. The substrate is optimally prepared at the same time. Completely without chemicals. Completely without blasting material. Surface cleaning and renovation in one step and with minimum disposal costs. Conventional sand blasting methods for cleaning ship hulls are very contaminant-laden and environmentally harmful. For environmental reasons and due to the high disposal costs of contaminated blasting material, sand blasting is being increasing replaced worldwide by ultrahigh-pressure jet technology.

High-pressure water jetting produces only very low impact forces. Layers are removed selectively, without attacking the base material. Damage to structures is also eliminated, just as are blasting material residues. In contrast to this, sandblasting leaves residues on the treated surface that are not visible to the naked eye, which gives rise to faulty coating.

Neither gases nor slags are produced No chemical or abrasive additives are used in the application, which means that the quantity of material to be disposed of is reduced to a minimum. The result is convincing in all cases: high cleaning quality, high effectiveness even in difficult to reach areas, high cleaning quality and a high degree of protection for user and environment.

Cleaning of ships