Effective and economical descaling.

In the hydromechanical method, cooling, break and evaporation effects interact and are mutually reinforcing. The scale layer is broken up by the high-pressure water jet, the scale shrinks due to the spontaneous cooling, the sudden evaporation of the water has the effect of countless small explosions and blasts off the scale which is then washed away by the remaining water. Compared with the mechanical treatment, the descaling with water is by far the more effective and more economical method.

WOMA has been the reliable partner of the steel industry for decades and supplies turnkey plants and accessories perfectly adapted to the required applications. The optimum solution in each case depends on numerous factors. Various pressures and flow rates are employed, depending on steel quality, process speed and size. Operating pressures from 80 to 450 bar are usual. Special descaling jets mounted on nozzle bars are used in the descaling. WOMA piston pumps are predestined for producing the high pressure for the high flowrates required.

Descaling in the steel industry