Gentle removal and thorough cleaning without chemicals and abrasives.

High-pressure water jetting is used regularly for cleaning work on strainers and filters:

  • Removal of encrustations and dirt from strainers and filters
  • Cleaning of plastic , long and round strainers
  • Cleaning of filter cloths, viscose filters, cartridge filters or wet felts
  • Descaling suction strainer rollers
  • Removal of dirt from dewatering filter presses
  • Removal of residues from trays

High-pressure water jetting ensures an extremely gentle removal of dirt and deposits without damaging the filter and carrier materials – without any chemical or abrasive additives. This, in contrast to chemical cleaning, avoids the generation of gases, slags and vapours. Cleaning with high-pressure water is a particularly flexible and sustainable method with which deposits, caking, paint, coatings, encrustations, oxide layers , sludges and calcifications are reliably removed from strainers and filters.