Water as a tool


26. September 2016
WOMA opens its doors for visitors from all over the world

Under the subject „Industrial Solutions for Future Value“ WOMA hosted an Open House event on 22nd and 23rd of September. About 170 guests from all over the world were visiting the newly restructured company to catch up on ultra high pressure news and...

27. June 2016
Tank interior cleaning with ultra-high pressure

For interior cleaning and rinsing of tanks and containers, the Duisburg-based company WOMA, specialist in ultra high-pressure technology, offers an extensive portfolio of tank interior cleaning heads. With the TankMaster SL-1500, a cleaning head...

06. June 2016
EcoMaster ZWG - High performance. Low consumption.

The EcoMaster ZWG is regulated by an integrated intermediate gear in a power range of 50 to 500 kW. This machine combines the complete range of high pressure applications in industry with an optimised fuel consumption.

17. August 2015
The new EcoRunner - Full flexibility. Universal usability.

The new EcoRunner quickly delivers high pressure where it is needed. The waterjet unit is installed as a separate element in the vehicle and can be replaced via forklift. This modular design enables quick and flexible conversion for all high-pressure...

11. March 2014
WTA Eco - Water treatment for water jet cutting

The WTA Eco water treatment system is an addition to sludge removal systems or sediment basins for water jet cutting systems. The system ensures the waste water discharge quality is within the limits and thus complies with the increased statutory...


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