Waterblast Tools and Accessories

Kärcher  High-pressure guns

High-pressure guns

With operating pressures of up to 3000 bar, WOMA high-pressure trigger guns can be used for any application. Their modular design also means that they can be flexibly extended with various nozzles and nozzle holders.

Kärcher  Pipe and Tube Bundle Cleaning

Pipe and Tube Bundle Cleaning

With WOMA products, deposits in tubes and tube bundles can be removed and completely blocked tubes can be optimally cleaned.

Kärcher  Surface Preparation

Surface Preparation

High-pressure water can be used to clean an extremely wide range of surfaces and materials. When combined with innovative accessories, high work efficiency with equally high safety for the user can be achieved.

Kärcher  Tank Cleaning

Tank Cleaning

The WOMA TankMaster tank washer heads are the timely answer to all tank interior cleaning questions.

Kärcher  Abrasive Cutting

Abrasive Cutting

Abrasive cutting with water pressure enables the separation of a diverse range of materials, even in potentially explosive areas.


TST Sweden

TST Sweden

TST Sweden develops and manufactures personal protective equipment and protective clothes with high comfort and quality for maximum security.
WOMA is an authorized Dealer for TST Equipment.
Click here for the TST Catalogue.

Peinemann Heat Exchanger Cleaning

Peinemann Equipment B.V.

Peinemann Equipment provides state-of-the-art semi- and fully automated heat exchanger cleaning systems to avoid manual activities as much as possible. WOMA is able to design entire Ultra-High-Pressure solutions for your cleaning tasks in combination with Peinemann Equipment.