ARP-Pump Series High Pressure Plunger Pump Type 190 ARP

The Type 190 ARP high-pressure plunger pump provides a max. operating pressure of 320 bar and a max. flow rate of 392 l/min.

The ARP series has operating pressures up to 400 bar and flow rate up to appr. 1700 l/min. This plunger pump also works reliably with media contaminated with granular of fibrous solids that have a concentration of up to 3% and a grain size of 50 – 350 μm. This series is therefore especially suitable for cleaning sewers and pipes as well as descaling in the steel industry. In addition to the corrosion-resistant stainless steel version, WOMA provides a reasonably-priced pump-head variant in grey cast iron. The design of the pump allows easy dismantling of the valve parts and the pump head does not have to be dismantled. As an option, pumps of the ARP-series are fitted with suction valve lifts. This elegant alternative to a bypass valve allows the water to circulate when no pressure in the pump head and the water tool is not actuated. A special feature of the ARP-series is a second shaft end which allows another pump to be connected and can double the performance if required. All gearboxes of WOMA pumps have an integral oil cooling system. Additionally, all WOMA pumps are certified according to Atex (ExII2GDT5).


Technical data

Max. oper. pressure (bar) 320
Max. flow rate (l/min) 392
Requd. Driving power (kW) 155
Weight without accessories (kg) 390
Dimensions appr. (L x W x H) (mm) 1000 x 622 x 337