Kärcher  M-pump series (3,000 bar)

M-pump series (3,000 bar)

The ultra-high-pressure plunger pumps of the M series deliver operating pressures of up to 3,000 bar. This makes the pumps of this WOMA series ideal for separating, disassembling, stripping and derusting with high pressure water.

Kärcher  Z-pump series (1,500 bar)

Z-pump series (1,500 bar)

The high-pressure pumps of the Z series deliver operating pressures up to 1,500 bar. With a high number of pressure and volumetric flow rate combinations, the pumps are preferably used in industrial cleaning, paint stripping and also in descaling.

Kärcher  Y-pump series (1,000 bar)

Y-pump series (1,000 bar)

The high-pressure pumps of the Y series are particularly compact and designed for operating pressures up to 1,000 bar. Due to their small dimensions and a low weight they can be easily installed in compact devices and on small base frames.

Kärcher  2-pump series (750 bar)

2-pump series (750 bar)

The high-pressure pumps of the 2-series with operating pressures up to 750 bar and volumetric flow rates up to around 230 l/min are ideal for cleaning pipes and tube bundles, containers and containers.

Kärcher  ARP-pump series (400 bar)

ARP-pump series (400 bar)

The ARP (Abrasive Resistant Pump) series was developed specially for the conveyance of water contaminated with grainy or fibrous solids. The ARP high-pressure pumps deliver operating pressures up to 400 bar.

Kärcher  3-pump series (250 bar)

3-pump series (250 bar)

The pumps of the 3 series deliver operating pressures up to 250 bar and volumetric flow rates of up to 400 l/min and are the preferred choice in channel and tube cleaning applications.

You need high-pressure for your application? We have the suitable pump.

WOMA High-Pressure Plunger Pump are powerful and efficient. The pumps are nowadays used worldwide in ultra-high pressure water jetting and water blasting applications as well as in industrial applications. Decades of experience in the design and construction of high-pressure pumps are the basis for the constant development of the WOMA pump portfolio. With this high-pressure competence we nowadays control the fluid water with pressures of up to 4.000 bar.

An entire overview of the WOMA High-Pressure Pump Portfolio as well as our on Ultra-High-Pressure Units can be found in our Download-Center.