EcoMaster D 250M Classic

The EcoMaster Classic is developed especially for use in rough conditions. It boasts a compact design, a robust and low-maintenance construction, and simple operation. The high pressure units are diverse, flexible and usable, even in extreme climates or difficult environmental conditions.

The EcoMaster D 250M Classic offers the optimal equipment for the refurbishment and removal of concrete or coating, as well as for the separation and cutting of various materials. All Classic devices are fitted with robust, low maintenance and strong performance WOMA high pressure pumps. The compact design with stable frame construction enables easy usage in difficult areas. Fitted with crane hooks a simple transportation is guaranteed. Effortless regulation via optional manual pressure control or Dump Gun is possible and the large water tank ensures a calm water cycle. The Ecomaster Clasic-series brings a very good price performance ratio thanks to functional construction and proven mechanical components combined with low operational costs due to high service life, minimal maintenance costs and simple servicing.


Technical data

Max. oper. pressure (bar) 3000
Max. flow rate (l/min) 32
Motor type Diesel
Max. motor rating (kW) 194
Pump capacity (kW) 144
Weight appr. (kg) 3625
Dimensions appr. (L x W x H) (mm) 2850 x 1610 x 1720
  • General cleaning of parts and surfaces
  • Concrete restoration
  • Removing paint from ship hulls
  • Wind generator maintenance
  • Preparation of surfaces and substrates
  • Heat exchanger cleaning
  • Screen and filter cleaning