Young professionals: Students and Trainees

Start your career with ultra-high-pressure. 

WOMA trainees



For trainees:

Training at WOMA. The best basis for your professional success.

You would like to enter directly into the practical side, gather your own experience go your own way? Training at WOMA is exactly right for you. We offer both a commercial and an industrial-technical vocational training.

In this, you benefit from our long training tradition, which includes a guarantee for our trainees of being taken on at completion when they perform well. Then, as a family company , we assume responsibility for our younger generation and see our trainees as an important investment in the future of our company. 

Training 2024:

We will again be offering apprenticeships in 2024. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on 02065 304 0.
You can apply for the following apprenticeships with us:


With an apprenticeship as an industrial clerk, you are an all-rounder in the company and can then be deployed in a wide variety of areas. During your training, you will work in the areas of purchasing, marketing, accounting, human resources and sales. You will receive practical training at WOMA and learn the theoretical basics at a vocational school near your training location.

What is required?
You can start with us if you have a good Realschule certificate, a Fachhochschulreife or an Abitur. It is important that you have a general interest in commercial matters, enjoy organisation and have good communication skills.

How long does the apprenticeship take?
The training takes 2.5-3 years. This is followed by an examination at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

What happens afterwards?
After successful completion of the training, we offer you a guaranteed job. You can also follow up with further training as a business administrator. After obtaining your entrance qualification for a university of applied sciences, you can also study at a university of applied sciences.

Metal technology specialists specialising in assembly technology use joining techniques to produce components, assemblies and machines from individual parts. First of all, they deal with the production and assembly order and related documents such as assembly plans and guidelines and plan the work steps. Then they produce components manually or mechanically, for example by processing sheet metal using various methods. They assemble the components into subassemblies, for example by screwing, pinning or riveting, forging or soldering them together.

What are the requirements?
With your good school-leaving certificate and your interest in technology and technical correlations, you have the best basic prerequisites. If you like to work precisely and have a talent for craftsmanship, then this profession is just right for you.

How long does the training take?
The training takes 2 years.

You'll get stuck in - you'll learn independently how to receive, check and store goods, how to check quality and how to protect valuable stored goods.
During your training, you will have access to a variety of technical aids as well as the latest order picking technology and you will learn to operate industrial trucks, such as forklift trucks, as well as how to use computer-aided warehouse management systems.
It is important that the right goods in the right quantity are put together for the customer, safely packed and shipped. That is in your hands!

What is required?
A good secondary school leaving certificate. If you work carefully and reliably and like to get stuck in, this is the right place for you.

How long does the training take?
The training as a warehouse specialist lasts 2 years, as a warehouse logistics specialist you will learn for 3 years. In addition to the practical training at WOMA, you will learn the theoretical basics at a vocational school near the training location. At the end, you will take an examination at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

What happens afterwards?
After you have successfully completed your training, we offer you a guaranteed job. If you would like to continue your education after your training, you can, for example, continue your education to become a specialist in freight transport and logistics (m/f/d). After you have obtained your entrance qualification for a university of applied sciences, you can also study at university.

For students:

Trainee courses at WOMA. Your springboard to professional success.

Theory on its own is not enough for you? You would like to get a whiff of the practical side at the same time? Then do a trainee course at WOMA. In that, you not only get to know our company at close hand. You also gather valuable practical experience side-by-side with proven specialists a work on complex challenges.

Best chances for real high-flyers.

At WOMA you can be involved in exciting tasks from the very start and quickly integrated into the team. Intensive mentoring by our training instructors and regular feedback discussions provide for your further professional and personal development.

Our commercially and technically oriented trainee courses start in March and September of each year. You can also do a technical basic or pre-trainee course with us – starting in June each year and lasting two months.


Works student at WOMA. Gather practical experience and earn something at the same time.

As a works student at WOMA, you do everything right: You continuously gather valuable practical experience in exciting projects, earn something in parallel with your study and really get to know our company. At the same time, you can exchange ideas with experienced colleagues make new contacts. In the case of the works student activity for WOMA, this concerns a regular and long-term cooperation. You work for example continuously through the semester vacations or work for us while completing your degree. Flexible working hours ensure that you can optimally combine study and job.

So get started with us

In the practical application at WOMA, we are looking for students with an extraordinary profile, who want to get to grips with the work and would like to apply their know how to the daily work. You should therefore already know in which the area your strengths lie. We only award places to works students online, based on your unsolicited application sent to us. Please describe in that your wishes and ideas as precisely as possible. This is the only way we can optimally assess your application.

Your final thesis. A good start can arise from a good conclusion.

You are on the home straight and are planning your final thesis? Then bring a strong partner on board. The specialist at WOMA provide you with know-how, valuable experience and competent professional support. We are open to your topics and accompany you individually and cooperatively during the implementation of your final thesis. Simply speak to us if you are interested in one of the subjects given by us. Or suggest a subject of your own in your unsolicited application. And the best of all: With your final project, you open up very good chances for a successful entry at WOMA.

You learn from us. We learn from you.

You can compose your final thesis with a practical subject at WOMA in the commercial and technical areas. The results flow directly into our work.