Surfaces and materials in industrial proccesses must be regularly cleaned to guarentee qualities and work safety. WOMA offers various ultra-high-pressure waterjetting solutions for the cleaning of surfaces.

WOMA: Parts and Surface Cleaning

Ultra-high-pressure cleaning for different surfaces and materials

Examples of typical and frequent work are:

  • General cleaning tasks such as the cleaning of machine parts, process engineering components, transport containers, valves etc.
  • Cleaning technical surfaces and those surfaces affecting the process
  • Removal of coatings and paint layers on constructions and technical equipment
  • Derusting of steel surfaces
  • Removal of burnt-in materials, e.g. due to high-process temperatures or from welding works

Fast, effective and economical cleaning with water

High-pressure cleaning with water can be used for a wide range of surfaces and materials. High work efficiency and at the same time a high level of safety for the operator are achieved with innovative water tools and accessories. Water-insoluble substances such as oils, dispersions or mineral paints as well as stubborn deposits are broken up, loosened and carried away by the high water pressure.

Even difficult and uneven surfaces can be cleaned with high-pressure water. Water jet cleaning and water blasting does not generate any dust and also saves on procurement and disposal of jetting material. This generally avoids the associated strains that are borne by user, surface and environment. As only pure water is used, substances removed can be simply filtered out. There are no residual acids, alkalis or other solvents which have to be disposed of. All in all, the materials used, the waste quantities and the costs are significantly reduced.

Water jetting can also be used for application in Explosion proof applications according ATEX guidlines as there are no flying sparks. Parts to be cleaned in such areas do not have to be removed and can be cleaned directly on the spot.

WOMA: Parts cleaning with 1,000 bar
WOMA: Surface Preparation
WOMA: Surface Cleaning

Parts cleaning with MCS Safety