Concrete is a very durable, universal and versatile material. Strong wear, environmental effects and wrong treatment regularly lead to damages of concrete structures. For concrete refurbishment (hydrodemoliton) WOMA ultra-high-pressure units and waterjetting tools for water blasting are the most effective and cost-efficient solution.


Concrete refurbishment with ultra-high-pressure water and the appropriate water tools (Hydrodemolition).

Primary aim of any hydrodemolition is to remove the damaged areas without damaging the surrounding material or steel reinforcements. In contrast to a pneumatic hammer, whose force application goes deep into the joint and is transferred far into the building, the WOMA ultra-high-pressure water blasting solutions are very local and targeted on the position to be treated. This means that hardly any structure-borne sound is transferred to the construction and the formation of stress cracks is avoided.

The steel reinforcement is neither cut nor damaged – due to the selectivity of the water force. This also has a positive effect when removing low-strength layers, since weak points such as local cracks are automatically washed out during the treatment.

Reinforced concrete is a particular problem as the steel reinforcement corrodes with time. The primary cause here is the carbonation of the concrete, a chemical reaction in which the effect of water and air lowers the pH of the concrete to 10 or less. This loss of the protecting alkali surrounding makes reinforcement corrosion possible, causing serious damage to the reinforced concrete. If this process can be seen from cracks or spalling of the concrete, renovation is unavoidable for conserving the static load capability of the structure. In this, the steel reinforcement in the area affected is exposed so that targeted restoration of the corrosion protection can be made.



CASE STORY: JETTY – The safe and reliable robot for ultra-high-pressure tasks.

„Several thousand square meters of concrete have to be removed from the ceiling. The work must be done on top of a scaffolding and within a fixed time frame."

With this inquiry our colleague from Finland has been contacted by a client. Together with the client, a review of the construction site and a definition of the requirements has been carried out. It quickly became clear that the work can only be done by a compact and light robot. All these requirements are fullfilled by the WOMA JETTY: Thanks to the compact design, the robot fits through a normal door and due to the light weight of less than 600kg it is also suitable to jobs on scaffoldings. The JETTY is thus also the perfect solution for dangerous areas and tasks and thus offers a maximum level of work safety.
Only a few weeks later, the work on the construction site was started. Besides the JETTY, also the ultra-high pressure unit EcoMaster MK3 was used. At 2500 bar working pressure and 26 l/min volume flow, concrete layers and other surfaces and coatings can be roughened or removed. The WOMA TD3000 SCS turbo nozzle is used as a water jetting tool to achieve a smooth and constant working performance at the best possible working speed.

WOMA JETTY: Water Jetting Robot
WOMA JETTY: Water Jetting Robot
WOMA JETTY: Water Jetting Robot TD3000-SCS