In rotary kilns for cement production, deposits are formed during the combustion process and are baked onto the fireclay brickwork and thus reduce the efficiency of the process. WOMA offers high-pressure waterjetting solutions for the removal of the deposits and the cleaning of rotary kilns.

Cement: Cleaning of rotary kiln

Removal of deposits in the rotary kiln with high-pressure water.

With WOMA high-pressure technology, very good and fast results are obtained for low forces applied. In this, a long high-pressure lance is inserted through an opening in the kiln and the baked-on material literally blasted off the fireclay by the hydraulic power of the water jet and by the thermal effect due to the temperature difference. The hardest deposits and even old, hardened out soapstone deposits are reliably removed by the high-pressure jet.

Temperatures of 1200 °C to 1450 °C prevail in rotary kilns. A highly demanding and critical working area in whose surroundings many cleaning tasks arise, for example in entry chamber of the rotary kiln due to dirt accumulation, in the stack preheaters, the various cyclone outlets of the heat exchanger, in the region of the raw mixture feed and in the region of the bypass outlet as well as the transport conveyors due to alkali-containing dusts. WOMA high-pressure water jetting is a superior method, both technically and commercially, and is being used increasingly by companies for this and similar applications.

With WOMA high-pressure water jetting, widely different materials from rotary kilns, preheaters and heat exchangers as well as transport conveyors and other plants and machinery can be reliably removed without interrupting production. Cleaning processes during operation always have a decisive influence on production effectiveness. Here applies, both occupational safety and the productivity and cleaning result are to be ensured at the highest level.