A clean formwork is of vital importance for the quality of concrete surfaces. To ensure that no undesirable pores, shrink holes and cavities occur, formworks must be cleaned and repaired on regular basis. 

WOMA: Cleaning of form work

Clean formwork, fast and material-friendly.

Various methods are possible for the removal of concrete residues on shuttering. The highest pressure water jet is the most effective, most flexible, fastest and, at the same time, gentlest method. The combination of water pressure, flowrate and tool loosens the most stubborn encrustations. And the water pressure can be adapted to the particular shuttering material and the degree of soiling.

When the shuttering is removed after the concrete has hardened, this takes place mostly without residue. Damage to the shuttering can however occur after a number of uses. With repeated use, scratches, flaws, dirt and screw holes then appear on the surface of the concrete. The frames of the individual shuttering elements may not be damaged so that they lie flush with each other when together. Otherwise, concrete nibs could arise that then have to be ground off.

If shuttering is not cleaned for a long time, further use is hardly possible and it must be replaced. With high-pressure water jetting, manual or automatic, shuttering can be effectively and gently cleaned. This makes the repeated use of shuttering material possible and lay the basis for an evenly formed concrete surface.


Cleaning of formwork