The offshore working condition are extreme and challenging. The external environment on the high seas pose challenges for both people and materials. Complex technologies are installed on narrowest space.
WOMA ultra-high-pressure solutions are made for these conditions.


Cleaning and maintenance under extreme conditions.

Typical working procedures on offshore platforms are cleaning, decoating and derusting as well as cutting and cutting off surfaces and materials of very different types and sizes.

  • Cleaning of pipes and pipeline systems
  • Removing algae and deposits, paint and coatings from outside walls
  • Removing rust and coatings from ballast tanks and holds
  • Cutting of steel, other metals and a variety of other materials
  • Underwater cleaning to remove barnacle growth etc.
  • Cleaning of drilling tools and pipes
  • General cleaning of platforms of oils, greases, dust, rust and other dirt from platforms

High-pressure water jetting is very precise: Specified degrees of derusting are achieved without any problem. Compact-sized tools enable working even in difficult-to-reach and confined spaces. With the help of mechanical guidance facilities, removal can be performed with geometrical, e.g. along a line, and weld paths can be followed without any problem. A layerwise removal of multilayer systems is also possible. Dust generation is excluded. This enables a simultaneous processing of several tasks, e.g. dust-sensitive maintenance work in parallel with substrate preparation.