Ultra-High-Pressure applications and solutions

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WOMA high-pressure pumps, ultra-high-pressure units, systems, water tools and accessories are used in waterjetting applications, industrial cleaning and maintenance tasks as well in numerous stationary industrial applications.

WOMA: General parts and surface cleaning

General parts, surface and machine cleaning

Widely different surfaces and materials must be cleaned regularly so that continuous processes and safety are ensured during operation.

WOMA: Concrete refurbishment

Hydrodemolition / Concrete refurbishment

Primary aim of any concrete renovation is to remove the damaged positions without damaging the surrounding material or steel reinforcement. In contrast to a pneumatic hammer, whose force application goes deep into the joint and is transferred far into the building, the WOMA ultra-high-pressure water jets are very local and targeted on the position to be treated.



In all areas of decontamination, WOMA ultra high pressure technology, e.g. remove deep surface contamination, is employed to remove specific layers, to clean buildings and equipment affected, washing out contamination.

WOMA: Cleaning and Paint removal

Cleaning and paint removal of ships and bouys

High-pressure water jetting and blasting enables and extremely careful and controlled removal of coatings, impurities and deposits without damaging the base material.

WOMA: Hydro mechanical descaling

Hydromechanical Descaling

The effective removal of scale in the hot rolling of steel is of decisive importance for material quality. Hydromechanical descaling is proven to be the most effective form of descaling.

WOMA: Cleaning and Maintenance Offshore

Cleaning and Maintenance Offshore

A large variety of materials must be cleaned, derusted, decoated and cut under the most extreme conditions and in a very confined space.

WOMA: Cleaning of form work

Cleaning of form work

A clean, professional shuttering is of vital importance for the quality of concrete surfaces. To ensure that no undesirable pores, shrink holes and cavities occur, the shuttering must be cleaned regularly and examined for damaged areas.

WOMA: Cleaning of rotary kilns

Cleaning of rotary kilns

In rotary kilns for cement production, deposits are formed during the combustion process that are baked onto the fireclay brickwork, so reducing efficiency.

WOMA: Pipe cleaning

Pipe cleaning

Pipes have important functions everywhere in industry. To fulfil these functions, their flow continuity must be ensured.

WOMA: Sieve and filter cleaning

Sieve and filter cleaning

The functional capability of strainers and filters depends essentially on the state of their surfaces. They must therefore be constantly cleaned.

WOMA: Tank cleaning

Tank and container cleaning

Quick and thorough cleaning of tanks and containers is necessary to disturb the production process as little as possible.

WOMA: Surface Preparation

Surface Preparation

High-pressure water jetting is recommended, and even specified in some cases, in almost all relevant construction regulations and guidelines as a method for preparation of surfaces. In addition to technical benefits, environmental compatibility and economic efficiency speak in favour of using WOMA high-pressure water jet technology.

Heat Exhanger Cleaning

Heat exchanger cleaning

Stubborn deposits often form in heat exchangers. Clean surfaces are the basis here for efficient production processes.