Every industry requires its own solutions.

For all ultra-high-pressure water applications we use our powerful and efficient high-pressure plunger pumps, specifically engineered and designed ultra-high-pressure water units as well as the fitting water jetting tools for water blasting applications. WOMA delivers ultra-high-pressure water jetting technologies for maintenance, cleaning as well as solutions for numerous industrial high-pressure applications.

Ultra-High-Pressure Solutions for water blasting for various industries

Industry Solutions

High-pressure water blasting is becoming more and more popular as the leading technique for the fulfillment of various cleaning and maintenance tasks in industry. Water is used as a jetting and cutting tool. The proven WOMA high-pressure plunger pumps as well as a complete range of specially developed ultra-high-pressure water jetting systems and water blasting tools are available.


Ultra-High-Pressure Industrial Cleaning Applications & High-Pressure Solutions

WOMA high-pressure pumps, ultra-high-pressure units and systems, water jetting tools and accessories are designed for water blasting applications, industrial cleaning and maintenance tasks as well as for numerous industrial high-pressure applications.