High-Pressure Plunger Pumps up to 3.000 bar

With decades of experience in ultra-high-pressure technology with operating pressures of up to 3.000 bar WOMA sets standards in the construction of high-pressure plunger pumps and ultra-high-pressure units.
Diesel and electrically driven WOMA plunger pumps are used in mobile and fixed units for numerous ultra high-pressure cleaning and jetting applications, in water blasting and also in industrial applications. The high-pressure pump series today range from 250 bar to 3.000 bar and cover almost every requirement in the field of high-pressure water technology.

High-Pressure Solutions for Industrial Applications

With experience and passion for innovative high-pressure engineering solutions with own high-pressure plunger pumps and units, WOMA is a dedicated and reliable partner in various industries worldwide. With solutions in the field of ultra-high-pressure industrial water jetting and for industrial applications in Automotive, Cement, Construction, Chemical, Energy, Oil & Gas, Maritime, and Steel: WOMA offers the most fitting economical and efficient high-pressure system solution for your application.


WOMA – global supplier of Ultra-High-Pressure Technology for industrial cleaning and industry applications

WOMA is one of the leading suppliers of high-pressure plunger pumps, ultra-high-pressure units, high-pressure systems and water jetting tools. For more than 60 years, we stand for innovation and quality.


Research and Development with Customer Focus.

For customers around the world we develop the most advanced and reliable high- and ultra-high-pressure solutions for industrial cleaning tasks and industry applications. We are in constant exhange with customers and partners, to fulfill the needs and wishes of our customers at the highest level. The results and findings are used in our developments of new products and solutions. We thus ensure, that every new development fulfills the tasks and applications of our customers in terms of efficiency, realiability and safety.